The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, Washington County's Economic Development Agency, exists to serve current and future County businesses and industries.

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority strives to:

  • Retain 
  • Recruit
  • Retrain
  • Redevelop

The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority (SeOPA) is a statutory agent of Washington County. While SeOPA does not operate as a traditional “port,” state law grants port authorities certain powers in areas of financing, real estate development and private-public cooperation. As an economic development organization, the Port Authority’s mission is to enhance the economic competitiveness of Washington County and to be a catalyst for job creation and investment by business, industry and local entrepreneurs.

Governed by a board of business and community leaders, approved by the County Commission, the Port Authority is staffed by Andy Kuhn, Executive Director, and Janet K. Nelson, Executive Assistant.


The Southeastern Ohio Port Authority is a public entity and is thereby governed by Ohio Sunshine Laws. The Port Authority maintains a public records policy and abides by the public meetings statues.

The Ohio Public Records Act is built on centuries of American legal tradition that the records of government are “the people’s records.” The Public Records Act provides the public with procedures to request records from any public office in Ohio, while protecting certain specific types of records from release. It also establishes a legal process to enforce compliance when a requester feels that a public office has failed to satisfy its public records obligations.

The Open Meetings Act requires public bodies in Ohio to conduct all public business in open meetings that the public may attend and observe. This means that if a public body is meeting to discuss and decide public business, the meeting must be open to the public.

To view the Ohio Sunshine Laws click here.