Washington County offers more than a well-balanced business environment. It's also a safe and comfortable place to live and raise a family. There are big advantages to being somewhat removed from the large urban centers: shorter commutes with less traffic and fewer stoplights, lower crime rates, safe schools, plus many other desirable characteristics that equal fewer distractions, more productivity and more time to enjoy living. Washington County has an excellent collection of schools, easy access to quality health care and an unlimited choice of recreational activities.

Washington County has abundant supplies of river and ground water, for both processing and cooling. The rivers and streams entering the Ohio River from Washington County alone add an average of 15,000 cubic feet per second to the Ohio River flow. Millions of gallons of good quality ground water are available from both the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers. 

Ohio's rivers and lakes, large geography and inviting topography make it ideally situated for market connectivity both domestically and internationally.

Ohio's total economic output of $583 billion in 2014 is divided into 20 broad sectors of varying sizes. Manufacturing is the largest single sector which was 16.92% of the state's total economic output. Services provided by public and private sectors in Ohio were $456 billion or 78.2% of its economy.