Washington County is an affordable place to do business and raise a family.

An attractive cost of living index makes Washington County a great place to do business. Ohio is ranked 22 out of 50 states in order of the average amount of property taxes collected. Our sales tax is only seven point two five percent with only 1.25% being Washington County.

The eastern and southeastern Ohio economy is in transition as it continues to provide workforce options for traditional/manufacturing industries while adapting to opportunities in health care, bio-technology and the re-emerging oil and gas exploration and production industries.

A reasonable tax environment is essential in todays economy. Ohio’s five-year tax reform has lowered business tax burdens by more than half, eliminating taxes on inventory, corporate income and investments in equipment. Ohio offers an abundance of skilled, educated employees. Ohio's workforce offers productivity and a willingness to work.

Taxes are adequate to support business and industrial development and not regressive or punitive. In Ohio, public finance is constantly evaluated for its ability to sustain the economy and provide public services.

While employees in Marietta and other cities around Ohio do have a small income tax, those working and living outside of city limits pay no city tax. Ohio's municipalities may enact a minimal income tax to generate revenues to provide unique services