Find yourself in a place you’ve never imagined.

Imagine a place:

  • where your drive across town is gauged in minutes

  • where you find yourself having a parent-teacher conference in the produce section of the grocery store

  • where neighbors stroll down the street at dusk each night - and actually take the time to stop and chat

  • where downtown is a well-kept, vibrant area for shopping, dining and enjoying the company of friends

  • where heavy traffic is a five-minute construction delay on a main thoroughfare

  • where you can buy local produce the very morning it’s picked from the field

  • where volunteer fire departments still hold ice cream socials - and residents turn out in droves to support them

  • where drivers passing you on a two-lane road wave at you as they pass

  • where you can make a difference

Such a place exists - a beautiful place to raise a family in Ohio --it’s called Washington County.


Get Out and Do Something

Ever heard the saying about idle hands?  That isn’t a problem in Washington County.  The bigger problem people around here face is trying to decide exactly what sorts of recreational activity to do and when.

Golfers find plenty of challenging holes at some of the valley’s finest golf courses including Lakeside Golf Course in Beverly, Marietta’s Country Club and the Oxbow Golf and Country Club in Belpre.  Those golfers who want to brush up on their skills or take the kids out for some fun pack the driving ranges and fabulous mini-golf course at Pioneer Family Golf.  Flanders Field and the Hadley Softball Complex are typically bustling with activity from recreational and intramural softball leagues.

Interested in taking a day-hike?  No problem, miles of trails wind through Wayne National Forest and the Broughton Wildlife and Education Area.  Visitors and residents interested in taking a more urban trek can hop onto the Marietta Bike Path, which follows along the banks of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.  Boaters will find many put-in areas throughout the county and a welcoming harbor to gas up, tie in, get supplies and get back out on the river.

Activities for kids abound with pools in Belpre, Beverly, Devola, Lowell and New Matamoras and an Aquatic Park in Marietta, playgrounds and fairgrounds, and ball fields strategically located and youth leagues for all sports.


The Great Outdoors

Whether you’re looking for a nice place to take an evening stroll, planning a day-hike or looking for a nice drive, Washington County boasts some of the best parks, both rural and urban, in southeastern Ohio. One of the highlights of the area is the massive Wayne National Forest, which occupies roughly 410,000 acres within the county. The Leith Run Recreational Area provides a host of boating, fishing, camping and hiking options. Additional trails and recreation spots within the National Forest are accessible in neighboring Athens and Monroe counties. The Grandview Ohio River Boat access is a nice complement just north of Leith Run.

The forest occupies only a fraction of the outdoors activities in Washington County. The County is also host to an unknown treasure, Ladd Natural Bridge, a permit only preserve featuring a fantastic rock formation. Additionally, sites like Acadia Cliffs outside of Cutler, Buell Island in Lowell, Veto Lake Wildlife Area outside of Belpre and Boord Nature Preserve near Bartlett, make it easy for people to crisscross the county, take in a scenic drive and get some fresh air all in an afternoon. And while you’re in the car, be sure to take a detour down Ohio State Route 26, designated a National Scenic By-Way, for a glimpse back in time at the county’s numerous covered bridges.

Additional Recreational Facilities:


Park Name

Swimming Pool



Fairgrounds Park


Barlow Fairgrounds


Depot Park

Belpre City Pool




Civitan Park




Dodge Park

Beverly Pool

Beverly Dam


Community Park


Devola Dam



Lowell Pool



Buckeye Park

Aquatic Center



East Muskingum Park




Indian Acres Park




Jaycee Park




Lookout Park




Sacra Via Park




Sixth and Hart Street Park




Washington Street Park




West Muskingum Park



New Matamoras

Ferguson Park

Swimming Pool Park



Fairgrounds Park


Waterford Fairgrounds

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