Ohio’s competitive and profitable environment makes it easier for startups and established companies to expand or relocate with solid financial footing. The area boasts a unique business climate that brings together a full range of benefits from a diverse set of productive industries to low-cost access to customers and supply chain. Funding programs such as low-interest loans, tax incentives and venture capital align seamlessly with a company’s growing financial needs.

Ohio is led by a state government focused on cultivating a robust economic climate. With the lowest tax rate in the Midwest on capital investment and amplified by a common sense regulatory approach, Ohio businesses thrive. Ohio has had the highest job creation rate in the Midwest for the past two years. 

Bottom Right Photo:
Left to Right is Tom Tucker, President of MHS Board of Directors, Dan Breece, D.O., Medical Director of the MMH Emergency Department, Scott Cantley, Vic Abhyankar, M.D., Strecker Cancer Center, and Mayor Lorentz. This is a dedication to the Belpre Community for the newly constructed Marietta Memorial site.