Access to rail, water and highway systems play a tremendous advantage in this location...combined with a skilled labor force that is eager to work makes the Belpre site one of the most advantaged sites globally for Kraton.”

Scott Oran, Former Plant Manager
Kraton Polymers

Ohio offers help to business wanting to expand and be more efficient…”

Ken Schilling-Retired General Manager/CEO
Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. (WEC)

We selected Washington County, Ohio because of the low cost of living, contiguity to major markets, low crime, quality of workforce and high quality of life.”

David Haas, Vice President
Morrison Inc.

Washington County offers abundant resources that are crucial to the operation of our business and many other businesses alike.”

Jack Haessly, President/Owner
Haessly Hardwood

The availability of a skilled workforce is important. The Washington State Community College and the Washington Career Center have a 2 year Chemical Operator training program which we have used for any new hires in the production area.”

Ken Bowen
Americas Styrenics

Ohio has an impressive variety of incentive offerings to align with financial needs in the way of state and local tax incentives and grants.”

Carol Wharff
Marietta Community Foundation

The State of Ohio provides programs, services, and incentives that make it easier to do business and succeed in the State of Ohio.”

John Wharff
WMOA Radio

The convenience of travel with short commutes from work to home lowers stress levels and can give more time for family activities.”

Teri Ann, Owner
Teri Ann's

Ohio is close to huge populations and is within a day's drive of 70% of North America's manufacturing capacity. We are able to ship and receive goods without high transportation cost or expensive delays through our logistics network.”

Evan Wetz
Wetz Warehousing

Washington County offers an inexpensive cost of living; excellent location with access to highways, the Ohio River and Rails.”

Robert W. Chase- Petroleum Engineering and Geology
Marietta College

Marietta Ohio is a crown jewel of Appalachia. More barge traffic goes thru Marietta on the Ohio River than the Panama Canal. Washington County is located within 500 miles of 64% of the nation’s population.”

Joe Mathews
City of Marietta Mayor

Ohio has led the nation in new and expanded business for the past 3 years and Washington County is committed to supporting business development growth.”

Hal Payne
Miller Supply

Washington County is perfectly located within the U.S. to ship products to all the key laboratory equipment users from the academic campuses of Boston, to pharmaceuticals in New Jersey and Philadelphia, to NIH investigators in Washington DC, to the pharmaceutical manufacturers in Research Triangle Park NC, and on down to the medical research labs at CDC in Atlanta.”

Steve Keiser
Christy & Associates