Interstate 77 passes through Washington County connecting the Great Lakes with the southeastern United States.

U.S. Route 50/SR-32 provides access to markets on an east-west axis from coast-to-coast.

State Route 7, a four-lane divided highway, follows the Ohio River and connects New Matamoras, Newport, Marietta, Belpre and Little Hocking. The Ohio Department of Transportation spent over $30 million to make Route 7 a five-lane controlled access corridor east of Marietta to accommodate the over 30,000 vehicles that travel that road daily.

Corridor D is the $700-million dollar U.S. Route 50 improvement which links Parkersburg to Belpre and provides easy access to the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Corridor D opened previously isolated property for development by connecting state roadways and highways with county and township roads linking the MSA with eastern and mid-western markets.

To see Ohio Department of Transportation Count information for highways in Washington County and a Washington County ODOT map go to:

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