The Mid-Ohio Valley culture is defined by a commitment to work. Supported by quality educational institutions and a reliable workforce regimen, men and women in the Valley have confidence that their productivity, reliability, and adaptability are recognized and rewarded.

Whether it is the manual arts, innovation and creativity, interpersonal communication or decision-making, the contemporary workforce is equipped to embrace every opportunity and contribute to every effort to add value and stimulate progress.

It is essential that the modern worker understands the context in which his or her endeavors are situated. The synergy between employer and employee is to be acknowledged and appreciated. From the first germination of the industrial age through its nurturing and maturation in the era of information and advancing technology, the Mid-Ohio Valley workforce and its support system has ridden the wave, accepted the responsibility, and delivered a legacy of quality, commitment, and loyalty.

In the Mid-Ohio Valley work ethic does not only suggest doing things right, it is a tradition of producing goods and services consistently and honorably to task.